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by Garrett Wilkes (a.k.a the Handsome Jewler) of Reigning Jewels Fine Jewelry

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The garnet is a beautiful and versatile gem for the everyday person. The minerals that make up the this gemstone allows it to form into most any colors. Form the most common known red garnet to the pinkish oranges, or even sometimes blue garnets. Every garnets are made up of the same crystal structure, but the chemical composition vary which is what allows the garnet to come in a wide range of colors. The hardness of the stone on the MOHS scale is 6.5 to 7.5, which makes this a very hard and durable stone that can withstand most everyday wear. Rather having a beautiful Garnet around your neck dangling on a pendant or a stunning ring showcasing the hypnotizing allure of the colors that you may find. So what is the history behind the Garnet?

Egyptian pharaohs would wear re garnets around their necks thousands of years ago. When the pharaohs passed from this life they would be entombed, this allowed them to show off their prized possessions in the afterlife. During the Roman times garnet stones were carved with specific designs and used as signet rings to secure important documents. Red garnets were referred to as carbuncle, which was believed to be one of four precious stones given to King Solomon by God.

What is the birthstone of January some might ask. The wonderful answer to that question is the garnet that was once beloved by Egyptian pharaohs and trusted by high ranking members of the Rome Empire to secure documents. This stone is also viewed as the second anniversary gem for your loved ones.

If you have read this blog and have become fascinated with the garnet as I have. Then I encourage you to come on down to the store and see them in person for yourself.


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